Providing Ground Services Needed by Business Jets


Business jet aircraft are used in many situations throughout the world. These aircraft are owned by companies or individuals, and mainly used for business. When operating business jets, full support is needed not only from local flight planners in the departure country, but also from a ground service company in the arrival country. The ground service company should offer a total package of services including preparing your documents before arrival, guiding your aircraft to the aircraft parking apron and then to the hangar, arranging accommodations for crew members in the destination city, and providing courtesy cars so that business arrangements go smoothly.

Business Overview


JAPAN AVIATION SERVICE has been in the business of offering ground service for business jets since 1987. We provide services at many of Japan's domestic airports to meet the diverse needs of our clients, and have offices at Haneda, Narita, Kansai and New Chitose airports. We are unique in Japan, in that we also offer special arrangements such as exclusive lounges where our clients and their flight crews can relax.

JAPAN AVIATION SERVICE not only provides ground service for client aircraft, but also offers chartering services for business Jets. Over the years, we have earned the trust of our clients and become an indispensable partner to many when it comes to chartering business jet aircraft in Japan. Our strong financial position today provides assurance that we can and will keep our pledge to pursue innovation and provide outstanding service that goes far beyond conventional expectations. A promising company, JAPAN AVIATION SERVICE is full of potential.

JAS is a promising company full of future potentialities.

Message from the Chairman


JAPAN AVIATION SERVICE provides a comprehensive range of the vital services needed to link the air and the ground. We provide end-to-end services including flight support, aviation fuel supply, and support services for crews and passengers. We handle both business and chartered jets, cargo aircraft, and flights transporting international dignitaries, for both domestic flights and international flights to Japan. We also arrange bookings for chartered jets departing and arriving in Japan.

With our young, innovative workforce, we aim to improve the skills and expertise that we have built over the years since the company's establishment. The goal of this process of continuous improvement is to generate a whole new level of customer satisfaction - the kind that conventional companies simply cannot deliver. In doing so, we believe JAPAN AVIATION SERVICE will contribute to the further development of business air travel in Japan and around the world.

Tomoyoshi Tsuchiya
CEO & Chairman


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