Charter Permit Applications

What are the application deadlines?

The permit for a business charter flight must be applied for no later than 3 days before the flight date, and for a passenger or charter cargo flight, 10 days before the flight date.

General Information About Business Jet Aircraft

Is there any special airport facility for business jets?

Brand new business aviation terminal for the private jet have opened on 31 MAR 2012 at RJAA/Narita Airport. It became more convenient for the private jet customer to use Narita airport to clear CIQ procedure. Facility usage charges : 250,000 JPY per arrival OR departure.


How long does it take to complete immigration procedures after a business jet aircraft arrives?

Depending on how the airport is laid out, the immigration procedures for passengers on business jet aircraft is usually the same as the procedures for general airline passengers. For instance, it takes about 45 minutes to clear customs and get to the exit after a business aircraft lands at Narita Airport. When departing, it is advisable to arrive at the airport 45 minutes before departure time in order to proceed smoothly to your aircraft.

What is the time difference between Japan Standard Time (JST) and World Standard Time?

UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) or Z is added to World Standard Time. Simply add 9 hours to World Standard Time to determine Japan Standard Time.

Operation Hours and Operation Limits at Major Airports

What hours are business jet aircraft making international flights allowed to operate at Haneda Airport?

Operation Hours for International Flights : 24 hours

As of October 31, 2010, in order to promote the usage and to facilitate the convenience of business jet, Haneda airport is more widely opened to international flights. The requirement of 7-day-prior application is cancelled and the operators can apply on the day of flight. For charter flight, the application requires 24 hours prior to the day of flight. Please click here for the reference.


What hours are business jet aircraft making international flights allowed to operate at Narita Airport?

Operation Hours for International Flights

(Japan Standard Time)
21:00 UTC-13:59 UTC
(World Standard Time)

There is no specific deadline for the departure and arrival slot permit application. However, international aircraft operating at other airports in Japan must apply to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Japan, 3 business days before the flight date.

About Japan Entry Visas for Customers Arriving in Japan by Business Jet Aircraft

Do foreign crews flying from a foreign country to Japan on a business jet aircraft need a Japan entry visas?

If your stay in Japan is less than 7 days, we can arrange for your entry through a CREW PASS application, so the crew does not need to apply for entry visas beforehand, regardless of whether or not their country is a visa-waiver country.

Do foreign passengers flying from a foreign country to Japan on a business jet aircraft need Japan entry visas?

All passengers are subject to standard immigration procedures, so, if your country is not a visa-waiver country, you need to apply for a visa beforehand at a Japanese Embassy or Consulate.


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